Title says it all, ive looked everywhere to no avail. So if anyone even has a small portion of it tabbed out thats also awesome.

post if you do and we can exchange emails and what not.

you clearly have not looked everywhere.

remember: Guitar Pro and Power Tabs have bass in them too. and if that fails. the rhythm guitar and the bass are the same. so your good.
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well last time i checked, the guitar pro and power tab both didnt have the bass portion of the song, and as for the rhythm guitar, i could do that but im sure people have already started along on their own and would be nice enough to post.
The Guitar pro and power tab files do not have bass in them and the rythm guitar part is NOT the same. I have the bass tab that goes until half way through the really fast bit before the break down (just after the 3rd time of the intro) that i aquired to practice with, its fairly accurate, i had to do a botch job of the drums with it. But yeh Lachlan_is_psycho@hotmail.com

Its a guitar pro file, but ill give you a text version if you want
dude send me your email, ill send you what ive got and you can just finish it, saves you some time