Taken from the MTV2 website, posted today:

'After much deliberation and heated debate between the band members and their label, Reprise, My Chemical Romance have decided to call it a day. When asked about the spilt, frontman Gerard Way issued this statement:

"We just think it would benefit everyone if we quit whilst we're ahead. It's really been a blast to be this successful in such a short time, but this rise to fame is a just too much to take in all at once. We'd like to thank all our amazing fans for being so enthusiastic about what we've done, but we think now's the best time to end it before it's too late."

With regards to the upcoming DVD 'Life on the Murder Scene', the band think it will show the fans all the troubles which have apparently been going on behind the scenes with their recent tour. And the hope that the fans can understand the reason behind the split.

No plans for a final tour have been revealed as yet but we'll post info as we get it.'

It's a shame, they had much more talent than fall out boy.
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ya, that is an old dvd. i think this is bullshit (its made up...?)


it doesnt say anything anywhere else like the website or myspace
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AHHH good news

what will become of download festivals friday headline then??
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You best not be tuggin' my squirrel on this one. I'd love this to be true
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Yeah I'm really doubting this as:
1) It doesn't appear to be anywhere else
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With regards to the upcoming DVD 'Life on the Murder Scene',
2) Life On The Murder Scene came out last year
Quote by fourstringpunk

No plans for a final tour have been revealed as yet but we'll post info as we get it.'

and 3) They are on tour right now

but who knows. If they are going to keep releasing albums like The Black Parade I wouldn't care if they broke up anyway...
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Alk hit the nail on the head there.
Sorry to tell you guys, its BS. Go to www.Mtv2.com theres no article like that. =\ Theres an article about The black parade, and the tour, but nothing even close to them splitting.
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Oh man, if this is true, I'm so gonna make some girls cry tomorrow.


If this isn't true, then I'll be mad.
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Also, I wanna point out...You can't copy and paste from www.mtv2.com So that wasn't taken directly from it. Meaning someone who disliked MCR typed that out on some forum or something, and he was just there and copied and pasted it without one minute of thinking.
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that came out last year?

yes it did and this is a old chain letter from myspace lolol like really old
Yeah this isn't true. Sorry to disappoint.

It's from a fake myspace bulletin.

Why would a band that is sky-rocketing to success (even if you hate them) logically split up for no specified reason?