okay , ive been playing for about 3 years, and im ready to really dig deep into music theory. my method of learning (as of now) was simply learning all the widely used chords/ power chords/ barre chords, notes on the neck then reading tabs and playing songs. anyhow, i really would like to learn theory. i have a subscription to guitar one, and guitar world and i hate when they have featured lessons and i dont understand certain things like progressions/ keys/ scales or whatever. i want to learn how it all comes together and im asking your help, where to start? can you give me a link to a good book on theory? or recommend me somewhere to start? (rather than the internet, i need something i can carry with me to study) thanx in advance!
actually, guitar (or rock guitar) for dummies is great, if you want a basic understanding for theory on guitar, if you want a better understading for theory in general try piano for dummies, those books are really underrated and it's good stuff, even though you don't play the piano (or u do, i don't know) it gives a lot of information on general theory
I say get a teacher. I tried to learn by reading stuff, but it didn't really help me. I mean, now I know upwards of like 1000 chords or some high number, or at least how to construct them if i ever want to. Just look around, and find either a class or one on one.
The Guitar Handbook by Robert Denyer is a good book( i am pretty sure that is it and not sure about the author's name)
no time for teachers, ive been doing just fine on my own, and can tackle this. when i want something i put everything i got into it, i just need the right literature.

gonna check both those suggestions out, thanx guys. hopefully ill get some more input/ suggestions also to have a few recommendations