does a ss rectifier really matter on a tube amp? like will it change the sound that much? and would that kill the volume?(you know how everyone says tube is louder than ss. that sorta thing)

thanks for any info
naw it just barley chaneges the sound.

apparently ss rectifier makes the sound tighter which is generally good for like chords and stuff (i think)

point is its fine, it wont ruin the "tube" sound
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I think SS rectifiers are the norm in tube amps these days. Mine has a tube rectifier, but that's because it's a reissue of a 1965 amp.
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Tube rectified amps have a swelling quality to the note, where it gets louder momentarily after the pick attack. It's a matter of taste, one's not really more pleasing to the ear than the other in the way that tube preamp and power sections are.
I think the only difference is that it's supposed to "sag" a bit when you crank the amp higher
a ss recitifer will always be supplying a cirtain amount of electricity whereas a tube can sag, meaning the current can vary, witch results in the swelling the guy above me said.