Paying money? that strikes me as being the peitome of sadness.
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maybe they should buy a life while they are at it

They're not for sale to runescapers
It's against game rules.

I got a Level 96 account with 1400+ total level for FREE off this forum anyway.

BTW runescapes more popular than ever, over 200,000 people play it.
Yes mate.

It's a good account btw, I still use my main though as Its similar in stats yet overall more balanced, plus its my original.. and all that.

I haven't played in a long time properly though, need members.
Yea, I know. I spent lots of time questing on that account, only some time raising stats. Then I got bored, and kind of stopped everything. Then I gave it to you, and now I'm rambling.

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You were playing on it till at least xmas, what made you change your mind btw?

Eh, all my friends quit and I just plain got bored. I had been playing for about 2 and a half years after all, it was time to call it quits.
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Was that me?

You were playing on it till at least xmas, what made you change your mind btw?
You can buy my two accounts if you want.

They're not any good but if people are stupid enough to pay money for such crap then I'm all for it.

I used to play it years ago...long before it had that new fancy pants 3D update. Me and my mate were really bored one night so we decided to go on and see if it was actually possible to get banned.

Despite the vast amount of nerds who get upset at the slightest derogatory remark about their "addy scimitar" or whatever we couldn't get banned at all...despite making highly contraversial statements (no racism though)...

Wish we hadn't have bothered now, just reminded me why I stopped playing it.