Hey I have been playing guitar for about a year and the majority of my practice is with scales and trying to solo. I've been trying to work on coming up with some good riffs instead but I can't seem to get anything good. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can make some decent sounding rythym parts?
Listen closely to your favorite bands rythm & riffage. Combine styles and create your own. Its best to start off by making a tune in your head. After you've worked that out, you just try to tab it out .
try to focus in on some kind of theme or emotion or something. Like say you wanted to make a heavy song youd try to hone in on this while messing around trying to find something that you think sounds good. Also you can try to hum or sing the kind of riff you want and then try to do this with the guitar
Have your guitar set to dropped-d tunning, throw in some palm muting on open strings, a couple of minor scales here and there played at light speed and voila!!!~~~instant metal riff.

Other genres are hard...so idk..

Just think of stuff in your head and try to figure it out. Get a simple chord progression and put small fills in them. Pluck random strings in the chord, maybe add a scale.
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Listen to music.

Are you asking for good chord progressions, or decent sounding rhythms?
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this is a bad idea but ive used it and it works

right all of the notes from A to G# throw them in a hat and then pick out 3-4 of them

Then try to make it sound cool
i usually work from the pentatonic scale or just sit around and find some good riffs no real how to do it just do it
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Wait for a month, in April I'm going to write an article for the MT Sticky on exactly this topic. I've got my exams on now so I can't write right now...
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