I'm making a list of all the stuff I should need for a build. Could someone point out any of the stuff I've missed out? And could you see if the prices I've looked at so far seem about right. (List below)

Also, does anyone know where I could buy some pre-made sharkfin inlays?

Lastly, this is the template I'm planning on using. It doesn't seem as though it would be too difficult (I'm leaving doing a carved top until another build, when I have more experience), but I thought I'd ask if it looks easy enough for a first build anyway.

Thanks for any responses.



Bandsaw / Jig saw
Mitre saw*
Spokeshave / Plane*
Drill (preferably press)
Fret nipper
Radius sander
Needle files
Soldering iron
Sandpaper, glue, screwdrivers etc



Body blank: 2 pc Alder - £40
Neck blank: Plain Maple - £12
Fretboard (pre-slotted): Ebony, 25.5”scale, 12” radius - £18.50
Bridge and Nut: Original Floyd Rose (Warmoth) - £110
Tuners: Gotoh, black - £32.50
Pots, switches, jack etc
Truss rod
Finishing materials
Template - £50
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You shouldn't need a mitre saw. But you should need a drill press and a handheld drill.

Are you doing a bolt on, set neck, or a neck thru?
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The list is pretty good and some stuff will depend on some of your build choices. For instance, are you building the neck too or just the body? Personally, I would suggest leaving a neck for a second build. Making the body will have its share of challenges especially if the woodworking is new to you.

As far as specifics, you can substitute a jigsaw for a bandsaw although the bandsaw is ideal. You'll need LOTS of clamps - probably more than you can imagine. You may not need needle files and you can get away without a radius sander as well. I managed with smaller hand held sanders and good old fashioned sandpaper. You'll want a router table as well but you can build a small one out of a 2x4 sheet of plywood. That's what I did for my first guitar build.

Also, do you have good guitar building resources - books, tutorials, vendors, websites etc? I put this list together of guitar building resources I personally found helpful.

In any case, I look forward to reading more about your plans.


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You don't need the mitre saw, i've got one and it don't think i've used it for guitarbuilding. Same goes with a handheld drill.

+1 on the need for extra clamps.
Thanks guys. One thing I forgot to add to the list was straplocks. Remembered that after.

I'm pretty sure I'll be doing a set neck, maybe a bolt-on, but set seems easier (is it?).

I've yet to check out my grandad's garage where I'll be working on it, so I don't know what tools he has yet. Hopefully anything he doesn't have I can borrow off my dad (he's a carpenter). What's worrying is my dad says he doesn't think he'd be able to build a guitar, lol, and he doesn't like using routers (he hardly ever has to use them).

And yeah, I'm building a list of useful website in my Favourites, all in one folder. I think I've got amost of the ones on your (ririzarry) list, but I'll make sure to check out the others.
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I wouldn't worry too much about the router. I never used one before my first build either. Read up on its use - direction, methodology, etc. Local libraries are usually good resources for woodworking books. My favorite is "Woodworking With The Router". Respect the tool, always control your work and know where your hands and fingers are.