Hey, i've got an mt 2 which i play through to various amps (music room in school). just yesterday, i was playing through but the volume suddenly dropped, its basically inaudible. ive got gain, level on 10 but whatever amps or guitars or cables i play through, no way to change the volume at all. please help... that mt 2 is the only decent distortion i can get around here!
Yeah happens with mine and the distortion gets weaker too. HAd volume and distortion on max when batteries ran low
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Here's a few things to check.

Batteries - get and adaptor, trust me.
Cables - if they still work or whatever, connection could weak/cut off
Input/output jacks
Check amp settings, pedal settings, knobs etc.
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i'd just changed the batteries like 10 minutes before it gave out, and changed them a couple of times after it died. pretty sure it isn't that.
I think its the cable
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I'm pretty sure it's shitty pedal'itus
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is the amp a tube amp, because if it is, it probably needs new tubes.
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I'm with the guy...look for a new distortion pedal if the problem isn't batteries, cables, or the amp. The Metalzone sounds so tinny to me and sounds exactly the same no matter what guitar and amp you are running through it. For a few extra bucks there are much better dist pedals out there.
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Yer it's tinny unless you work with it alot....i use it as my lead pedal and then i use my MXR Dist + for ryhthm as it is much thicker and richer.....
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May sound obvious, but is the pedal on?
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