I've been scoping out gibson blueshawk's for a long time now, figured now was the time to get one seeing as they went out of production two years ago, and they've already shot up in price on ebay. Just got in today, I played it for an hour or so and it is definitely a keeper.

thats a beauty
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wish I could afford me one of those
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I've seen them before, looks nice. But I can't help but think it's not very... Gibsony. The bridge and the two chickenhead knobs look weird! But nice buy anyway
it is a strange gibson... it's a longer scale than most gibsons, in between a gibson and a strat. I can get strat and tele sounds out of her, as well as more traditional gibson sounds. The p90's can scream!
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i want to hear a recording of that beauty, is that possible?
and congratulations on such a nice purchase.