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5 45%
Needs Work
4 36%
Somewhat but keep practicing
2 18%
Voters: 11.
I started playing about 2 months ago and i have some videos on youtube. just please comment my videos about my technique or if you think there is somehting i could do or just reply to this. thanks
here are the links to my videos
this one is a song i tabbed my self a while ago- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMVeIw_lTF4

this one is a song i wrote- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ua5whwkL3xA

and this is most recent, its about my technique. this has my most progress so please comment or reply to this one if you dont any others.

thanks guys
lmao, in your UG tehcnique help thing just would like to point out, ozzy wasnt the guitarist, he was vocals........
I didnt vote, but the correct answer to your question is that no matter how good you are you always need to practice so do that. By the way I think your guitar is ugly.
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No offence, but I didn't have the patience to watch through much of your ramblings, and that which I did hear sounded like a lot of practise is in dire need
Don't ramble on so much, we have better things to do than listen to you talk about nothing.

I watched your Smells Like Teen Spirit video, and my God, I'm sorry but it was awful. I then watched your third video, and you have made some progress, but trust me, a lot more practice is needed. Try playing clean for a start.
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