The most pathetic, obnoxious, and degrading names your girlfriend gave you.

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I get called all sorts of random names...

perhaps the most odd nickname was last year at school... basically the original nickname was "rookie" given to me by my housemates... they had all lived together the year before, I was the new guy. That got shortened to Rook... but the girls I hung out with all the time turned it into Rooklyn. No idea why.

I wasn't gonna complain, I was sleeping with three of them, they could call me whatever the hell they wanted.

Now I usually just get called Matty. Guess what my real name is. ||
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dickhead is the name of choice, maybe wanker if she's having a bad day
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....fluffy bunny
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Don't worry guys, he's just bitter because he has a small dick.

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my penis was once called princess sophie .... :| but i think it originated from a film, :S cnt remember

holy hell dude, our penises have the same name! yeah i think its from a movie...but thats what she called it...princess sophieah
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my penis was once called princess sophie .... :| but i think it originated from a film, :S cnt remember

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It wasn't a name, but just the way she would say my last name. She would get this high-pitched voice and extend the "o" about three minutes. I hated it.
*my name*ie-poo. I really didn't mind though.
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Sometimes my girlfriend calls me a frequent anal masturbator.. Im not even kidding.
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This man's an anal masturbator, he knows what he's talking about.
Named my member "Little buddy"
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The most degrading name I got was God. When she sure as well knew I am awesomer than that.
Apple Blossum.
Snuggle Muffin.
Jerkface (in a good way...).
Um.... Puddin' Pop?

All equally corny. Though being called straight plain "Music" was cool, I wont lie.
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mine doesnt call me any pet names. She just pokes me in the side and then laughs at me when i twitch and scream.

curse her.. she doesnt have any reaction to that.

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