Not likely to get many replies but thought id give it a go

Im looking for a drummer for an alt./indie/classic/modern rock band (incubus, muse, the beatles, stone roses, oasis - click the link for full influences)...if you're intrested and click on the link that is not the music we'd be playing most of the time, just the easiest to record at the time.

Basically my drummer, bassist and guitarist quit leaving me (lead/rhythm guitarist) and the singer (not musically inclined instrument-wise), so although bass player and second guitarist wouldn't be too bad, a drummer is more important. We've inherited all our old material and are looking at some new stuff for gigs and general jamming.

We are 18 and will be off to uni next year, but hope to get some gigs under our belt beforehand and have the option of carrying on during uni if it's a success (We ain't going far so it's easy to get back for gigs and practices)

If your intrested reply to this or email us at violentkenmusic@hotmail.com

and the myspace - http://www.myspace.com/violentkenmusic

yes violent ken is the name of the band