I was walkin' in the woods,
With some friends that were talkin to me,
Didn't notice what they say,
Cause my thoughts were away.

Well I saw a shooting star,
Didn't know what to wish about,
A year before I would have say,
Please make you forever someday.

Then I was kicked out of my thoughts,
By a known voice wich called my name,
I returned myself and saw,
Your phantom standing in front of me.

You were just there, in front of a tree,
Lookin' at me with those same eyes,
You had when you first told me,
You liked that I love you.

But your illusion disappeared,
Cause all our shit's in the past.
Now you barely talk to me,
And I still think of you sometimes.

I was walking in front of your ghost,
Pure delight of my darkest illusions
My past was stronger than me,
But for a short moment, I believed that again our feeling lasted.

Then you left your arm in the air,
Staring at something I couldn't see,
Pointing it with your delicate hand,
I realised you wanted me to see,
A tree I engraved a year before,
Of your name and mine,
That seemed to go so well together,
And that still wanted not to be separed.

I saw a shooting star,
And asked from all my heart,
To get me with you again, one day,
Or to kill me quickly.