admittedly, i already asked this one in the "other" category, but it seems the pit has a bit more traffic. does anyone know of some good japanese rock (or metal) bands/songs? i would like something with at least some fast solos, and it sounds japanese (i.e., uses japanese scales and such). the only thing i can think of that is similar is like, tak matsumoto. since i dont speak japanese instrumentals are fine (preferred actually). thanks and sorry if this is too tough
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emo is punk on estragen
the pillows
Asian Kung-Fu Generation
Dir en Grey
Sex Machineguns
Zazen Boys
Number Girl

I dunno about fast solos, but all the badns above are great, especially the to[p 3.

I love JROCK.
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I personally love Jrock so I'll give you a short list of my favs:

Antique Cafe
Dir en Grey
Do As Infinity
El Dorado
The Gazette
Hideto Matsumoto
Janne Da Arc
Malice Mizer
Moi Dix Mois
Panic Channel/ Panic*Ch
Schwarz Stein
Sex Machineguns
X Japan

Hope that helps.
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tak matsumoto was in a band called "B'z"
i don't keep track, so he might not be anymore
but he was.
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i didnt read everyones lists but dir en grey and miyavi are pretty good =]

miyavi - are you ready to rock > you
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Check out Nightmare, Alice 9, and The Flare. The GazettE is also really good, but its been mentioned.

In terms of a traditional japanese influenced song, Check out "Tsuki No Hikari, Utsutsu No Yume" by Nightmare.
It has some very asian sounding progressions and theres also some sort of traditional japanese instrument playing a melody in the background during the chorus. Awesome song, the solo is rather short, but the song kicks major cahones. I did a cover of the end of it, check my vids...
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