Has anyone heard the John Mayer Trio's song 'Out of My Mind'? It's amazing! Haha, I love it 'cause its bluesy. I think it's great. He's a great guitarist and I like him better with the trio. But does anyone have tabs, or music for 'Out of My Mind' besides the intro? Because I already have the intro.

Secondly, does anyone know any artists like the John Mayer Trio? I'm sorta getting into the blues genre more.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks...
I have the Try! album and it's really good. As far as music that's comparable I'd check out Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Buddy Guy. And I agree, I like him better with the trio as well.
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I think that the Trio is his best work. Its the most upbeat, and best guitar. Out of my Mind and Another Kind of Green are my 2 favs off of that one. But then again, they are all amazing.
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