it's good for the price. in general, ibanezes are good. i've never seen a 22.2" scale guitar, but it shouldn't be too small.
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Try the RG120. Pretty nice for the price.
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Certainly useable, but i dont think its meant to be used as a main guitar.
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Its a smaller scale guitar, so itll feel like a toy when you play it. What guitar do you have now? Maybe check out the Dean Evo or Vendetta, then get a pickup change when you get a few more bucks.
hmm... its my first electric so with that in mind and the fact that im going to college so wont have any money anytime soon
^ ?? nice fragment of a thought there. get an SX strat from Rondo Music. its likes $108 with shipping and i guarantee it'll be better than those mini Ibanez.
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