as the title states
I am a trying to play Death Metal, yet i am very bad at Death Metal guitaring. can I have either tabs or tips on playing?
thanks alot!
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play chromatic riffs very fast, then play the same riff but at 1/4 the speed and throw in a pinch harmonic. get your drummer a china cymbal. That's all they need.
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as the title states
I am a trying to play Death Metal, yet i am very bad at Death Metal guitaring. can I have either tabs or tips on playing?
thanks alot!

Train tremolo picking with bands like Amon Amarth, most of the songs by them are easy, just tiring if you are not used to it, after i would recommend Blinded by Fear - At The Gates, its a quite easy song.
I'm not sure if you consider these guys death metal but As I Lay Dying riffs are deceptively easy. They're not like somethin you can learn in five minutes, but it'll give you challenge, confidence, and something to work on until you can tackle the harder stuff. Hope that helps.
The tecniques I use the most while playing DM are (by far) alternate picking and string skipping. I know it can sound odd when all the comercial DM bands are legatoing and tapping for their life... but try playing these riffs without having alternate picking AND string skipping down for good:


While other tecniques come into play, namely sweeping and tapping durring solos and fills, I do think that those first two are the most important ones. Be creative, and make your own excercizes with them. Or write some tecnique intense songs like the riff above (which is from one of my songs).

Best of luck, feel free to ask any further questions right here.

EDIT: One last, but vital thing, palm muting (how could I have forgotten?!?!), it pays off to alternate its use durring riffs and durring your practicing all of the above tecniques. You want to be able to palm any note you play at any given time without struggling for a clear sound and/or reaching the note on the fretboard. This tecnique also tends to correct any improper positioning or posturing problems you may have.
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