Hey hows it going. Well i just got a gift today an Engl Fireball. Now this personally doesnt suit my needs. So im selling it off. My asking Price is 1000 obo + Shipping to conntinental US only.

Amp is brand new i opened it today plugged it in sounds good just not for me.

Also i will take trades for it. Im good on guitars and effects so how about a head for a head.

Heads i will Accept in Trade.

Mesa Mark anyone the IIC+, III, or IV.
Early 80s Marshall JCM 800 2203 with Vertical inputs.
Marshall JMP-1 with (Marshall 9200 power amp or VHT 2902 or Mesa 2:90)

Only accepting Heads for a trade nothing else. If your interested plz let me know PM me here or email me at Synharvest@gmail.com
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