i personally like dani california, californication, and soul to squeeze
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i saw a granny porn thread (with a link) up for about half an hour today. so, we still have hope!

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i hate you mer der. i hope you get a boner and accidently fall on it.

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im a baby-seller

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What are you talking about

There is already a thread for red hot chili peppers discussion. That means if you have anything to say about the red hot chili peppers you post it there. Look around the forum and use the search button to see if theres already a topic about what you wanted to post. Dont just go making a thousand threads about a band that already has a thread for discussion. Read the rules and faq in the forum for new members before you post anything.
I was living a lie, now I'm dying to know the truth...
Read the FAQ for THIS forum, and then read the noob FAQ before posting.

Thank you

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