Hey all I'm looking for a tube amp, (upgrading from my roland cube 30, if you want it lemme know)

I play mostly OAR Red hot Chili's Jack johnson, blues, blink 182.

I would like it to be pretty versatile, but I'd like to use it for those bands above, and i can always get a petal if i need to.

So lemme hear it! I know very little about tube amps so any help is much appreciated.
look into a peavey valveking 212 combo.It's a great amp for the price and its all tube.
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fender deville. its very versatile. at the store i was playing everything from classic beatles to death metal. it will do it all. and a fair price
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Anything Fender. In my opinion, Fender makes the best Tube amps, and has since the beginning. (For the price, haha)

If you had about another five hundred, I would say Mesa Boogie FTW.
At that price range I would look at a Hot Rod Deluxe (new for $600), it's a great amp. Or if you're willing to buy used, I would try to find a Fender Deluxe Reverb. That's nice. They go new for $800-850, so you can probably find a used one in your price range. I love Fender's tube amps. I just got a Vox AC15 and not nearly as pleased with it as my Hot Rod Deluxe.
Crate tube amps, they are a mix between fender and peavey. Heavy distortion and great cleans, plus they are priced nicely.
+1 to all suggestions, but if you like heavier music, i wouldn't recommend the fender, they excel mainly in the cleans unless you plan to use a processor for the gain/distortion.

But, definitely try before you buy if at all possible, go to a guitar center, and just a play a bunch of different amps, even if you love the 2ed amp you try, you should play as much as you can to form a good comparison and to make sure your not missing out on something.
I would say the B-52 AT-100. It can do blues, cleans, softer rock and switch over to youre gain channel and you got one HOT amp. Pretty versitile overall.
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Fender blues jr!
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i say fender too.
clean and the OD. does it all.
not much of a fan of their distortion though.
gotta push the clean channel a lot with a booster i guess.
but indeed. it is versatile.
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id honestly say fender here, for the sounds you want a deville would be ideal, stay away from b52, imo they are just a starter tube amp, they sound muffled and are very cheaply made, id also say maybe look into a used marshall JCM900 combo, that would almost nail your tone as well, marshalls can nail just about any tone, older models may need an OD or boost but vintage marshalls are amazing amps
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thanks for the suggestions.

I'm a senior in high school and im looking to buy something I wont have to replace all through college
Peavey Windsor is worth a look.
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