Does it feel okay,
we'll just take a chance,
to say it's all gonna get better,
i know you screamed at me,
but i'll forgive my love,
and never question that i don't fit in,

it only took one touch,
for you to break my heart,
it only took one breathe,
before i'd crumble,
it's such a lonely touch,
a simple broken heart,
and now i'm thru,
so i'm picking up the peices,
picking up the peices,
from you,

i know your faith is weak,
but just hear my voice,
i've never meant to hurt you,
i know i've said somethings,
so many dirty things,
but i just never really meant them,
i know this isn't the end,
can we atleast be friends,
before my heart must crumble,
just give it a chance,
anything to make this last,
i can't live without you,
knowing all these goddamn lies!