Alone on the boardwalk, it's a quarter past eleven,
Lost to myself as I stare up a heaven.
Like a grain of sand, slipping through your folded hands,
The mind wanders on without any plans.

As this train of thought pulls out of the station,
I stare at this ticket with no destination.
The places we left from now drift out of sight,
As the fires of cities pass by in the night.

Time ticks away, we're all growing older,
the days getting short and the nights turning colder.
As twilight sets in over this empty road,
We're caught looking back while our stories unfold.

Walking down these deserted streets,
Staring through windows at trinkets and treats.
Ask yourself, "Where did everything go?"
Life doesn't wait, didn't you know?

This one's for you as much as for me,
For all those living in dreams, afraid to face reality.
The road that we walk we freely choose.
When you try to cheat life, you always lose.