i played the standard at guitar center and i really liked it but i was told the tone would be better on the plain top so i ordered it off the internet. has anyone played these and what do you think of them
you ordered it without trying it?
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it's just an epi. If it doesn't sound good, well, no surprises.
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you sir, are the ultimate UG stereotype, praise a not so good metal player, zakk, put down other peoples playing, seriously say I WAS GONAA PLAYZ SOME UBER LEEDS LOZLOERLS~1!!!11!, and then critique epiphones as if there worth a second glance
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you ordered it without trying it?

i tried the epi lp standard and loved it so i order the plain top so i order the plain top for darker tone cuz its all mahogany
I have the plus top the only differance is the color really. It has a good sound, stays in tune pretty long with the grovers.
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