I know its not good, but it's just a little something I wrote today in lunch, no edits.
Its definitely cliche at some points, but what ever. If you read this thinking of "Behind me lies another soldier" by as i lay dying it will kind of make more sense.

Today, is the day, This I am feeling
I'm my heart, in my soul, this i believe in
As I looked, into, into your eyes, and saw, I saw
I saw, the end of light,
The end of days, on this morning, with you
Or have you forgotten?, maybe you've forgotten
I dreamt this nightmare never to come true
This I believe , This is what I believe
And as this story, unfolds..I will not,, I will not forgive
And I will not, not forget
I will not forgive
I will not forget
And until that day
Your paradise, once mine,
now my, false hope
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Not bad, but its hard to say because i dont what genre this is supposed to be

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