Hey guys i was just wondering if you could put some dimarzio pickups in the bridge and neck of a sg...specifically dimarzio evolutions

thanks in advance
I have an Evolution neck in my SG Standard and it ROCKS! I also have a Seymour Duncan SH-6 in the bridge that sounds awesome...I would have gotten two evolutions if I could do it again though, Or a Evolution Bridge and Air Norton Neck...
thanks soo much guys! yeah im tired of my tone and im ready to kick it up a notch with some evolution neck and bridge pickups
yeah, those should work. u can even see in the description that says they are good for LPs and similarly necked guitars. SG's are very similiar to LP's.
o and are there any differences between the chrome versions of the evolutions and say the black..or is it just looks
An Air Norton will work in alder or basswood, and works best on guitars with a trem - don't ever put one in a hard tail mahogany guitar though...way too bassy and dense. I wouldn't put Evo's in an SG myself, but as long as you know what they sound like If you're a shredder you'll love them, if not then they aren't the pickup for you.
I'd stick a Norton in the bridge and a Breed in the neck on an SG, or a Duncan Custom/59 set.
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