I played around with the acoustics cause i miss playing them, i sold my old acoustic a while back. Played around with a 200 dollar fender, pretty decent. I checked out some $2k taylors, gibsons, did not impress me at all. The action on them were either ok or pretty high, not great like i expected from a 2k guitar. Honestly the $200 fender sounded and played better then them. I mean shouldnt there be a significant sound and playability difference between a $200 guitar and a $2k one? For electrics the difference is pretty significant.
if you bought the two thousand dollar guitar and set it up to your liking, you'd be able to tell the difference. the in store guitars have been out and at the hands of hundreds, they won't be perfect. but they will sound better much much longer than a two hundred dollar guitar will.
Sound and playability is a subjective thing, really. If we had no preference in sound, we'd all be playing plywood guitars.

Some people prefer lower action to higher action, and some people prefer it the other way.
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I don't know if I can help it.

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yeah man plus, its all about prestige. Every time I go to guitar center I see SGs for 1850 tops and fire birds for as much as 5k. They have the same pick ups don't they, you gotta realize dude, manufactures jack up prices to make you think you're getting a better guitar. sure some of them actually do sound better but by a differences of over 1000 dollars? I don't think so... its the same thing w/ people buying nike shoes cuz it'll make them better at basketball. Sure they're more comfortable, but not 30+ dollars more comfortable than my no name brand shoes.
Yeah - conspiracy to doup the foolish. Call Mulder.
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As my friend connor would say

"It's the person using the guitar, not the guitar itself."

Which is only true to a certain extent.
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