Hi, my name is Peter Nguyen. My partner and I are doing a business plan for our Economics class. We both decided on doing our project based on a guitar-centered store. We would love it if you could please answer a few questions. Not every question has to be answered, but we would love your input. Thank you!

**We are looking for people who own, work or have worked at a musical instrument store** Also please state your name and store for later references. Thank You!

Are items on display ever damaged by customers and what is your policy on a damaged item as a result of the customer?
Do in-store sales effectively bring in customers?
Do you buy and resell used guitars?
Do you offer in-store guitar lessons?
Do you sponsor bands or events to promote your store?
How do you organize the products in your store?
How many guitars do you sell per week or month?
How many software applications do you sell per week or month?
How much do you stock of those products?
How often do you order new shipments?
What day of the week and season is the busiest?
What kinds of software do you offer and which of those are most promising?
What products sell the fastest?
Where is the best location to open a guitar shop?
Which guitar strings sell the best?
Who are your targeted customers?
Who is your competition?

Thank You for taking the time to help us out. If you have any questions you can email me at Krazyxazn407@gmail.com or you can email my teacher at resnicc@ocps.net. He also has his forum url :: http://www.ibanners.com/forum