I need some links to sites about loop pedals that arent review sites or online stores. If anyone knows a lot about loop pedals id love some info. i know its pretty obvious, you record it and then play it back but i have to do a persuasive speech about why a second guitarist is better than a loop pedal. any info or suggestions on arguments would be appreciated

i dont really care about this its just that i have a friend doing a speech for a loop pedals so i have to prove him Loop pedal?
I have the Boss RC-20XL Loop station, and I love it, it is an amazing unit, a must have for any guitar player, even if you do have a rhythm guitarist.
I have a rhythm guitarist, yet I use my RC-20XL to write alll my bands songs, since I basically compose the rhythm with my rhythm guitarist, we agree on it then record the phrase onto my loop station, then I play it back as long as I need to, in order to write a good lead riff to it.
You can also record an entire song's rhythm track into one phrase, and then play it back with one-shot playback and you can just play your entire lead track to the rhythm of your song, it is incredibly useful for practicing and nailing those tough riffs with hard timings.

You could also do some harmonizing for your solos with your loopstation, so that your rhythm player can play the rhythm while you have the dual-guitar harmonizing going on, or he could play the harmonized riff and your loop station can loop your rhythm, its entirely up to you.

The Loop station can be used as a rhythm guitarist if you really wanted to, it easily has the capabilities to do so, but I find there's soooo much more to it as I mentioned above.
For practicing purposes alone, this pedal is definitely worth it.
My two cents is that you can live without it, but you definitely shouldn't, your skill level will improve massively because you'll always have that rhythm to shred along with. Im runing mine through my effects loop right now, I use it as my rhythm to practice my leads to, and my skill has improved immensly with improvising lead riffs alone.
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