All right, I sanded my guitar all off and am planning to paint Creamish White and was wondering what I need to do? Should I just buy spray paint or just an aerosal(sp?) spray can thing? Can some please walk me throw the entire painting process?

Any help would be appreciated.

PS: It's a Strat and I have no idea what kind of wood it is.
Change is good.
A spray can will work, Try projectguitar.com.

good luck!
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Check out ReRanch 101 - Finishing Basics. ReRanch sells all the finishing supplies you'll need.

You can also go to Project Guitar Tutorials to learn more about refinishing.

Since you're painting an electric guitar, the type of finish you use would probably have negligible impact to your tone. I've used Duplicolor car spraypaint (available at auto supply store for ~$6/can) and Krylon (available at most stores for ~$3) and had good results. Crash used the cheap Krylon to paint 3 of Clapton's Strats.

Stay within the family of paint you use for the sanding/sealer/primer, colorcoat, and clearcoat. Good Luck!