probably a very awkward question but...here it goes...which string types and sizes have the best playability (meaning bending is easy, nice and smooth, feel nice and easy)...if it helps in any way i mostly play classic rock and some others: beatles, floyd, zeppelin, malmsteen, rolling stones, radiohead, nirvana, hendrix, doors, eagles, clapton, aerosmith, kiss... so on..the list is quite long....but the rest are most of the bands from the 60s/70s....i dun c how the "what i play" helps. so i guess try to focus on the first question lol

thnx for readin
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are there any marshall tube amps?

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ghs boomers last forever, and they sound really nice. size .10 is good, its not too thick, and you can still bend them

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i use ernie ball power slinkies for my guitar and they are very nice. They almost feel like you need to put no effort into pushing them down, in standard or dropped tunings. Me, I play metalcore, little bit of Sabbath, and am trying bluesish stuff. I think they work awesome. Oh, the power slinkies are .11 in size. And i can get nice bends. Havent worn out either. But Ernie Ball sells all sizes.
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