ok, i have one, but i'm stuck in yet another one of my infamous deadlocks.

i have financial problems:
-my band needs a PA, and I seem to be the one to buy it
-i'm getting a car
-i'm going to need to get a tube amp sooner or later

i don't know what to do. totally confused. i'd like some input.

how much does anyone think i can sell the Ibanez AS73G for? It's a really good guitar, but it's not exactly what fits my style now since my old band broke up and I don't like it quite as much. I mean, i could put some passive EMG's in it, but EMG+semihollow=WtF moment

so i dunno...any guesses on a good price to sell on ebay for? and if anyone is interested on here, give me a price.

retail from stores:
-SamAsh $349
-all the rest around $350-375

suggested retail--$450-485

do you think it's worth it to sell it, and then buy a high-end Agile les paul copy(AL3000-3500)?

please, i need some help.