I'm a new user, so I dont know how you do much of this.

Anyways, How come no one listens to progressive rock on this site? There is barely any tabs with good prog rock songs on them.

Holla back if you listen to any of these, Yes, Genesis(with Hackett and gabriel), King crimson, Rush(late 70s), Floyd, or any thing else progressive i didnt put.
They do listen?

The lack of tabs are for several reasons... 1.) Many prog band besides Floyd and maybe a few others don't have the massive popularity that some other bands have, and 2.) The songs are not as easy to tab as hit singles.

Which isn't entirely a bad thing: you can really add to your musical development by learning to transcribe your favorite prog songs.

And I like all of the bands you listed. There's others too like Tull, Mike Oldfield, Zappa, ELP... good stuff.
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Pink Floyd is one of my fav bands, some genesis and rush is cool, haven't heard of king crimson, and i don't listen to yes, haven't come across any of their stuff yet, but Pink Floyd is amazing, i saw The Wall recently, wat a trip
there are sooo many prog listeners on this site. You just haven't looked hard enough =) u 4get Van der Graaf Generator or do u not know who they are? POP QUIZ
Hello, right here. I listen to all of those except king crimson. There are a lot of prog rock fans on here. When did you become a member of UG, yesterday?
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I listen to Rush, they are one of my favorite bands ever. I also love Pink Floyd, Gilmour has a way with the guitar thats not quite like anyone else. I think that Alex Lifeson is probably the most underrated guitarists of "classic rock" He's in my top 5, but seemingly no one else's. When the solo kicks in on Presentation, on 2112, shivers run down my spine. Ever damn time, in fact I think I'm going to listen to that right now. Unbelievable.
Yeah Dimebag is not the "Greatest Guitarist" of all time... Hendrix maybe... I must go get food to eat with my mouth

$250 for an amp? wow. is it worth it to invest that much in the amp?

Progs not dead....Mars Volta LIves on
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Queens of The stoneage and Mastodon anyone, I know its not older but still.
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You can't beat the prog classics, but there are many contemporary prog bands as well..Check out Porcupine Tree, The Mars Volta, Tool, Opeth, Riverside, Dream Theater, Radiohead, and many more I don't have time to list at the moment.

By the way, noone mentioned Gentle Giant, who are, in my opinion, up there with Yes, Genesis, pink floyd, and King Crimson.
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The first time I heard "The Trees" I laughed my ass off. Rush is pretty cool, but most prog outside of them and Pink Floyd don't really do much for me. Well, Opeth are great, and Tool can be wicked, but I wouldn't identify myself as a prog fan.