I have noticed two things on my guitar: 1. The nut is lower on the right side, so the three steel strings are closer the fretboard. and 2. the bridge (A Tune-o-matic bridge or something...) is also lower on the same side. can i adjust these and if i do, will it help raise my action and stop the strings from buzzing terribly?

you can raise it but you will need to intone your guitar again, not hard you can find guides on the internet, you can't raise the nut unless you make a new one, your strings should be lower on that side also. So if you raise the first 3 your should raise the last 3 and make them match the radius of your fretboard.
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So what should I do and how should I do it if I want to stop my strings from buzzing terribly. They buzz when played open, and most frets.


loosen the screws on either side of the bridge. that will loosen the thumbscrews under them, pointed to by red arrows. raise the side where there is buzzing, make sure the bridge is level and tighten up the screws again.

it might help to detune a little first.

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