Alright, so I'm trying to play the solo from Right Side of the Bed by Atreyu. Here are the tabs I'm using:


I am having trouble with the beginning, where there are all the pull offs. I can do them just fine; I don't need a lesson in pull offs or legato. It's the 3rd string that's killing me. This is basically what happens: I pull off from 13 to 10 on the 2nd string, pick the 10th on the 3rd string, and it's fine. Then when I do the pull off from 11 to 10 on the 2nd string, the note is drowned out by the ringing of the 3rd string at the 10th fret. I am doing a little half bar at the 10th fret of the 2nd and 3rd strings. So, any ideas as to how to get the ringing to stop? I've heard from my friend and he told me to right hand or left hand mute it after I play the lick, but I don't really like that, it makes the other parts stop ringing prematurely.