I dont know if this has been asked anywhere but i was wondering if anyone knew some beneficial stretching exercises that i can use for my fingers? Ive been play for a good while and lately it seems they have been getting kinda stiff and hurting more. My uncle just quit playing because of arthritis and i know if i keep it up ill be in the same boat.
just check into some licks that require finger stretching, that's what really really helped me, then just sit down and learn them, one i can think of off the top of my head is the intro lick to still day beneath the sun by opeth, and then if you can tap, check into vivaldis four seasons by paul gilbert
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google "greg irwin, hand health" watch the videos of the warmups and stuff...they REALLY helped me.
learn a couple of those, do them before you play, and it should help. i used to do them for about 5 minutes before i started playing. and also during class, while i was eating, before i was eating and while watching t.v.

p.s. i recommend doing it everywhere you go...it kinda made me look stupid, but it was worth it
make sure you warm up before attempting finger stretching excercises on guitar.
Even before touching the guitar I do stretching excercises, and squeeze a tennis ball. It also helps with developing finger strength.
This is what works for me
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