Hey, I'm building my own guitar (an explorer copy) and I was trying to decide what pick-ups to put in. I play mostly metal (easier stuff, not quite like DragonForce) and I'm thinking about putting in a dimebucker and a pearly gates, with the dimebucker i the neck position to compensate for the crazy amount of treble it gives. I also play some softer stuff, so i was wondering if this set up would be too heavy, or if it just sucks. Thanks much for help. Plus, if you have any opinions, please let me know. w00t.
Bill Lawrence L500Xl. The dimebucker is bad. An invader, Distortion, Dimarzio Evolution, Air Norton, Super Distortion etc all are good. also, check guitarfetish.com
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try Emg's
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So you think I can put say, a pearly gates in the neck and a DiMarzio Evolution in the bridge?