Does anybody have the link to a youtube video of one of the SNL skits where Dan Aykroyd is trying to convince the lady that the toys hes selling aren't dangerous? I'm dying to find this, thanks if you can help.
check youtube?
Hahaha. Teddy Chainsaw Bear, Bag O' Glass, and Johnny Switchblade are the ones I remember. Switchblade was the best. "Kids, they'll be playin' Barbies with Ken, and you know, sometimes, Ken gets cut!"
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Checked Youtube, couldn't find a thing....

Bag o Glass and chainsaw teddy were the best IMO.
I mean, right here, is teddy chainsaw, kids play with logs, you know, and he cuts em see?
I've been wanting to see one with Will Ferrel (I think), where there's a group of black ninjas having a meeting after being beaten by a white ninja, and they discuss what they did wrong, like how they should all attack him at once instead of one at a time. If anyone knows where I can find it or what season it was in that would be great.
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