Well, today I made another pedal board, mostly because I ran out of room on the other one. It's nearly identical to the one I made before.

Raw Materials:

1"x12" and 3/8" Plywood

The back:

Just a piece of 3/8" Plywood

The back with holes:

The back with outlets:
The wiring:

The outlets covered:

The pieces:

The assembled board from the front:

The assembled board from the back:
The carpeted board from the front:

The carpeted board from the back:

The new board with some pedals on it:

The two boards together:

I'm short a few cables, there's a duplicate pedal, and there're two pedals that do the same thing.
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Nice set up man, but why the 2 DS1's?
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The carpet is automotive carpet. You can get a roll of it for $10 or so at Autozone. I have two DS-1s because I bought one from someone, and after almost a month, I hadn't received it, so I bought another one, then the first one showed up. Same deal with the ISP Decimator and the Boss Noise Suppressor.
IMO you need some more diversity in your brand choice. Look at me: I have a RAT, Os-2, EB volume, DOD Fx75b stereo flange, Marshall ED-1, while you have mostly BOSS.

How's that morley, though? and does that Boss Tuner suck any tone?

I'm making a pedalboard similar to this, but mine has a power supply, and i might put a powerstrip in it.

I got the GATOR BUS-8. Great, but needs adaptors for some pedals.
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Four of those Boss pedals are on the chopping block right now. I'll be left with the TU-2, BD-2, DS-1 and CS-3. As far as diversity, there's an ISP Decimator, Morley Wah/Volume, Dunlop Crybaby, EH Holy Grail, and a home made fuzz. The TU-2 sucks a little tone, I'm planning on doing an A/B setup with it sooner or later. I really don't care much for the Morley. I found the Wah to be horrible for my tastes. I just use it for volume swells. I only paid $20 for it so no big loss.