hey guys, i need some suggestions for a distortion/overdrive pedal to buy. I'm looking for a tone reminiscent of the distorted tones off of Saves the Day's "Sound the Alarm" and "Stay What You Are", and tones such as those of Jonny Greenwood.

right now, i'm running a Gibson Les Paul Faded Doublecut (mouthful, huh?) through my pedalboard, into a fender hot rod deluxe.

right now for distortion, im using a Ibanez TS9DX tubescreamer, and a little big muff. I like the tubescreamer, but i need something with a bit more balls and a tighter bass. The ts seems awful floppy to me.

there are a few pedals i have in mind, such as a fulltone fulldrive 2, and a Jekyll and Hyde.

my price range is like around 175ish US dollars.

thanks in advance
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First off it's Jonny Greenwood you fool...

He uses a Marshall Shredmaster, which are available on eBay from time to time but generally cost $250+.

I'm not really an expert in this department but you're going to need something HARSH. The only thing I could suggest is trying things.