so i don't really know anything about mesa amps...but i have been hearing some good things so i thought i should resarch them because i am looking for a new amp. i play classic rock (ac/dc, led zep, metallica, black sabbath, etc.) i am looking for a 50-100 watt combo amp for like under 500 dollars. so if there are any mesa's that fit that i would like to know (other amp recomendations would be 'aight to) for under 500$
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hmm yea,,, go vintage and get a 50w worthwhile combo that will blow mesa out of its damn socks....

a nice pushed/od combo with a real warm sound will kill a mesa IMO
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Mesa's cost an arm and a nut. if you're looking for under 500, keep looking.

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Mesa's cost an arm and a nut. if you're looking for under 500, keep looking.


Two nuts if you buy new.
You won't find a Mesa combo for under a grand, minimum.
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Mesa for classic rock? Psh

But for that price look at a Peavey Windsor

www.axemusic.com has em, about $485 --> comes out to around $530 i think

The problem is that it's a head... HOWEVER, Peavey is releasing a 15 watt combo version of the amp at Q2 (if someone knows what this is, pm me with info plz).

I hear the Windsor is like a plexi/jcm800 cross sorta-thing.
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Has no one ever heard of Santanna or the rolling stones?
Both have used Mesa's...

I'm sick and tired of the typcal "Mesa = Recto" mind-set..

hell, you'd be suprised how shitty a dual recto sounds when put next to a Mark IV, a Stilleto, or if you are lucky enough a Mark II-C+... all of which will do classic rock extremely well..

Of course, with your budget, none of those amps are even near attainable.
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for $500 thats a stretch maybe a used F or subway rocket combo, honestly ive always been able to find solid tones out of rectos, but the money here id say try a subway that will nail the exact tone you want, but remember mesas are very senstive in the eq section so getting your tone could take up to a week
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Mesas are nice but personally i think they over charge on em. For classic rock and w/ your price range i would say look at fenders, carvins, b-52, and vox. If you do find a really good deal on a mesa i wouldnt go for the recto's, not for classic rock anyway.
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well, mesa's are realy expensive amps, and most people use them for metal but they still have a nice not so high gain tone

i think an orange amp would be better for classic rock(awesome tone but most of them are heads)

What are you talking about, o_o.

I would agree if your price range limit was higher...orange are also quite expensive (They can naturally nail blues, classic rock, and hard rock; suuuuuuuuuper awesome mid-ranged crunch.)

You can look into the tiny terror head though...I hear they were modeled after Angus's tone.
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