I'm in a bit of a pickle at the moment...

My guitar strings keep breaking on me!!! It's starting to really piss me off.

I went into a local music store and asked for the strongest strings that you can buy and he handed me a pair OF THE EXACT SAME ONES THAT BROKE!!!

Does anyone know why they would keep breaking? I've heard that strings expand and contract in different room temperatures, but the temperature in my room is always in the normal range. I don't mistreat them or strum them too hard, all I want to do is play the damn thing with more than 3 strings...

If anyone could maybe give me a few pointers, much appreciation will be sent their way.
What brand of strings are they?
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They shouldnt be snapping if you aren't mistreating them, make sure you are using Ernie Ball 10's thats the standard. Don't tune your guitar really high either. If you are bending too much that might make it snap... I don't know what you are doing, mabye the strings are all defective?
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Q: Are they breaking in the same spot, like the nut or most likely the bridge?

Mine kept breaking at the bridge, particularly the E and A strings and I play with D'Addario 11's. After breaking about 4 strings, I discovered the tune-o-matic bridge on my LP had rough metal shavings from the factory, and with a quick rub in the groves with some sand paper [fine grit] and the problem was solved.
If you keep breaking strings, that is a symptom of a problem with the guitar or whatever it is that you are doing to them. It isn't a question about "strong strings." Temperature changes aren't an issue, not if you can live to play it. Usually it is a problem in the bridge or the install technique.

Where are the strings breaking?
The strings are ''DAddario EXL115 XL Electric Guitar Strings Blues/Jazz Rock, 11-49. They're pretty much the only type of string that you can buy within a 100km radius of our town.

I usually only have my guitar tuned to Standard (E,A,D,G,B,e) or Dropped D (D,A,D,G,B,e), also I have to re-tune it rather frequently.

The strings keep breaking near the bridge and it's usually the thinner strings that do so.
What kind of guitar is it, though? A strat-type? If so, sounds like you got little burrs in your saddles. See if there's any kind of rough spots there. You can do two things:
Buy new saddles - Graphtech string savers. Not too expensive, and will definitely prevent string breakage.
Take a higher grit sand paper like....600 grit, sand off the little burr, then take 1000 grit sand paper and sand it a bit to smooth it out. You can then apply a lubricant like Guitar Grease or Nut Sauce to help prevent it in the future.
Those strings will hold up as well as anything. True a bad one gets out once in awhile, but if it happens a lot it's either you or the guitar. And from this distance I can't tell. Do check the bridge saddles as recommended also double check your stringing and stretching technique.
check your nut and bridge for any rough spots, sharp edges, or shavings