Hi everyone,
I'm currently got a relative who is visiting the USA right now (I live in Australia) and is going to buy an Ibanez RG321MH + Roland Microcube for me-- and they'd like to take the guitar back on the plane with them. Will the Ibanez fit in a plane overhead compartment (Qantas, Business Class-- if anyone has specific dimensions for it, I'd love them.. or personal experience with specific planes), and if so, what kind of bag would be best? I'd assume a gig bag, but not sure..

get a cheap leather hard case, i took mine to florida and i live in texas and they let me have mine on
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most people check it... put a "fragile" sticker on the case and it should be fine.
Sequal to snak... not even gonna say it. But I took my guitar on a plane I just used a hardshell case and didnt take it on carry on, it it was totally fine.
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just stuff it under your seat

Guitars on a plane, whats next, snakes on a plane?
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what my mate did was take an empty case to the US with him, buy the guitar then put it in the case, that way you dont have to pay extra :P
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Generally guitars are too large for carry-on, but they could try to get it on. As long as it has a "Fragile" sticker and is in a decent case, it should be fine.
I bought a coffin case for this very reason. Plus the looks people gave me at the airport was well worth it.
Well the thing is, my relative already has two pieces of luggage, and it'll cost an extra 200USD to send it under the plane, as luggage. The alternative to carry-on is waiting two months (fjkasdlfjasdf please no!) for it to be shipped (for free) along with our luggage.

So has anyone taken an electric as carry-on on an international flight? :<



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don't its not that expensive here in australia jsut get it here it will be better overall
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actually it's $220 more expensive.. so

I'm seriously considering going on a holiday JUST to buy guitars, pickups and amps. After buying three or four guitars, even after luggage costs and exchange rate, I still end up saving money.
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I've taken guitars on as carry on luggage a few times.
Basically I ask if they can stow it at the front, near where you get on.
There is some storage there for pushchairs and stuff.
Of course they say that pushchairs have priority but I've always been okay.

But last time I flew they had restricted hand luggage a lot, so I don't know now.
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i brought a new strat back from the usa a few years ago, i checked with the airline the day before travelling and they let me carry it on and stowed it somewhere during the flight. it wouldn't fit in the overhead locker.
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What you couuuuuld do, if you don't like the idea of putting it under the plane (I wouldn't), is take the neck off the guitar and take the body and neck in hand luggage.
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nah it'll fit fine, I always take my guitar on the plane.
No problems at all.

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when i flew with KLM, i gave it to a crew member, and it was stored in this narrow closet in the business class, where ppl hang their suits.

i used a gig bag
that last time i flew, it was from boston to columbus, i remembering reading about this. if i remember correctly, your allowed one large carry on and one smaller carry on, so techniquely youcould have a guitar and a small bag. but i was also talking to omeone who wolrked at the airport, and they said sometimes they allow them to be carried on and sometimes not.
i took my guitar on the plane no problem,i had it in a Gig-bag and gave it to one of the ladys that work on the plane,she put it in a closet and everything went great,except for the plane food..
I've checked cheap guitars in a gig bag before, but I wouldn't want to make a habit of it, not after seeing the marks on my brother's 'cello case after he got back from their last tour. He flew to spain with his instrument in a Hiscox flight case, bloody solid case, you could drop it out of a plane and I think they might have. The 'cello is fine, but the hinges were bent, and it's got some holes and scratches in the plastic consistent with having been dropped on it's head from a fair height. Fortunately it was just the case taking the damage, not the $5,000 instrument inside (that's entry level for an orchestral musician, his next will probably cost more like 15K)

Carry on in the cabin would always be my preference, hardcase or not. A top of the line bulletproof hardcase won't stop them from losing it. I had an exchange student stay with me a few years back who arrived in Australia without his guitar, and we got it by courier a few days later. (I have a feeling that was Thai airways as well)

Cellists with million dollar instruments have been known to buy a second seat to strap in their investment (and then there's Yo Yo Ma who left his in the back of a New York taxi)

Note to Thai airways, land the plane before you unload the cargo.
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Just move it around the fretboard
heres an idea, take the padding out ou the hard case and instead use pants, socks, shirts ect as padding for your guitar that way you take ur clothes and your guitar in one lot?