I havnt written a song or even a decent riff in about 4 months now and its really pissing me off. I used to write songs everyday and now i'm completely stuck. I trying to work on an album for my band and we have about 7 perfect songs but thats too short and i feel very stressed to write more music. If you have been in a similar situation what did you do to alieve the stresses of writing music and write more songs that arent just crappy filler?
I got that right now mate, so don't feel alone
Like i wrote 4 of my bands hits that everyone loves then..bang nothing..
i remember i was stuck in writer's block for like 2 years. i pratically gave up writting my own shit until i went to this live band concert of just regular people playing stuff they made up. instrumentals or songs watever. that shit just influenced and inspired the living shit outta of me. since then i've been writing my own stuff again. i think all it takes is inspiration and experience.
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keep writing/playing the crap you hate. youll get all the poo outta your system and noodle out somethin you like.

or you could just drop acid.
thatll give you some fresh ideas
My ability to think up a good riff or song seems to come at inappropriate times.
I usually think up the best structures for songs whenever i'm at working doing something that requires very little thinking. The unfortunate thing is I have very little way of recording or putting down my ideas exactly how I want at this times. It'd be handy to have a little recording gadget with me for moments like that.
thanks. yeah. Theres actually a medical reason for writers block, apparently its caused by depression. How the hell did kurt do it then? I'm just gunna try and stop playing guitar for a little and then I'll just NEED to write, which is inevitably what will happen. It always is. I just hate the downtime. I need some inspiration. Some non musical inspiration. and not acid lol. That just makes you think you're writing new songs but infact you're trying to fly out of a 4 dimentional flamingo. I'm gunna read a whole bunch of books. That may help. I'm just miserably bored because theres nothing going on in my life to write for so i'll try and draw that from characters and see if that helps.
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dude what u need is some artistic inspiration, uve reach the point where music is an art, and to make art u have to experience it, record some covers, listen to different music, read a book, grow ur hair, smoke a j(i personally would), but u have to free ur mind, let it wander n sh!t