OK, I need to get some things straight. What is the head? Is it the speaker? I know that the amp is what powers the speaker, and sits on top of it. What connects the amp to the speaker...just a simple instrument cable? Is it better to buy a combo or buy the amp/head seperately? Do tube amps come in combos or can you only buy the amp and head seperately? Lastly....is it really worth it to go for a tube amp or should I just stick with the SS amp - I play a wide variety of types of music.

Thanks alot for the help.
the head is what sits on top of a speaker cabinet. you know ur combo amp, its called that because it combines the amplifier (power/pre amp) and the speaker. a head is the poweramp/preamp without the speakers in it, thats what the speaker cab is for. combos can be just as good if not better than head/cab combos, just look at fender's 65 reverb amps and there hot rod series, same with marshall 1974 reissues or bluesbreakers. tube amps do come in combos and are usually cheaper cuz u dont gotta buy the cab/head separately.

of course tube amps are better than SS amps, but there are hybrids available, which are generally pretty decent for the price and have 1 tube in the preamp at the least, some hybrids may have more than 1 tube in the preamp though. if u play a SS and go to a tube amp, you will never go back.

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The head has no speaker. It's just tubes and knobs. Makes no noise on it's own.
I suppose the only pro of buying a head and speaker instead of a combo (traditional amp) is because the speaker is really big (half/ full stack)

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The head is the amp itself. You know the box with the volume, tone, etc. on it. Or as you put it, "the amp is what powers the speaker, and sits on top of it", that's the head. A speaker cable connects the head to the amp. Tube amps come in combos, or just heads. The only difference in tube, and solid state, is the tubes are what gives the head it's power/tone. If you want a tube or a solid state all depends on you.
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