Okay, i obviously play bass or i wouldn't be posting here, but in the summer i will be attending Power Chord Academy, which is the biggest, if not the only summer camp for musicians of its kind. For those of you who dont know, you go and form a band with other musicians of your skill level and age and style and learn many techniques and get to meet a professional band and get to ask them questions and get some tips from them. It goes by weekly sessions, you can attend as many as you want as long as there is free space.

I have been playing for almost a year now. But what i mostly do is do fingering exercises, learn songs, and write my own basslines. I never really tried learning anything else. Could you just gimme a little list of things that i should learn so idont look like a total dunce when i go there? be as specific as possible and explain as much as you can so i know what your talking about. please and thank you!
chord shapes
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