does anyone know of any good american authors or poets? i have a research project and i have to pick an american author or poet who has stuff written about them as well as published material. and i'm not looking for the standard edgar allen poe or other really really well known ones. someone original. oh, and i've tried google. no names jump out at me so i'm looking for recommendations.
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Of course no names are jumping out at you if you're not looking for someone well known.
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Stephen King? I would say Dan Brown, my favorite at the moment, but I don't think he has a lot of stuff written about him. Maybe Dean Koontz. I'm not sure if he's American. Or did you mean retro?
mark twain author
allen ginsberg=poet
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I don't know if there is much written about him but, Chuck Palahniuk is great.
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kurt cobain

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I don't know if there is much written about him but, Chuck Palahniuk is great.

Chucks' written the same book about tentimes. They all ahve thesame nihlistic shit regurgitated over and over again..
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