the future's never gunna happen anytime soon
so i guess ill turn it up and pray for a good tune
ill drink myself to tears, eventually to sleep
i stumble into bed and try to count some sheep

while i whisper some words into a blank page
i try to make some sense and concentrate my rage
i find out that shes the source of all of this
but in my mind i know shes the one i really miss

maybe my god made my life one big song
its blues and the whole world tries to sing along
my lifes blues is the reason that my hearts gone wrong

the liquor just bleeds out the meanings and words
i found out that im the one who really hurts
drunk, alone, depressed, im shown for who i am
i need to sober up and try and find my true loves hand

maybe my god made my life one big poem
but ill defy him ill sober up, yeah ill show 'em
i come from the oldtime baby
too late for you to save me
depends on whether your going to sing this on the curb of a sidewalk or not. don't like the title, seems too coined. considering the genres of today, i have no doubt it will be categorized as "emo". don't mean to tear it up. but this shouldn't get you down. try harder, be more meticulous. everyone's got a good song inside em. or maybe it's just me, and the ass that i am. hell, if this is your good song, im not hatin'. i write crap too :]
flying crapola