It is only a few months old. Replaced the bridge pickup with a pearly gates. Plays awesome and sounds incredible. Action is nice and low. If you're interested in it, you already know what an incredible value this guitar is so I won't bore you with specs, but if you want more info:


It does have one inch long paint chip from when it slipped off my strap and fell (the first week I got it...I was pissed). Needless to say I learned the lesson of strap locks after that but the little paint chip is a constant reminder. It makes no difference in sound or playability obviously. You could fill it with black finger nail polish and probably make it much less noticeable, but I never really cared. Its just beyond the tone knob, you can see a closeup in some of the pics I took. Other than that blem, its perfect.

I'm asking 320+ship. Post your email address if you want pics and I will send them
send pics to: dark_hell_fire@netzero.net i want to see that paint chip.
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