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would you give up all the skills you learned from guitar for 1 million dollars. so if you said yes all your scales and skills and everything else you learned will have to start again.

i wouldnt because it took me long to get where i am now.
Pfff, definately. I've only played like a year so...
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I would work at McDonalds the rest of my life.
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I'm only 16 and have been playing for 2 years now, so yeah, I would
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oh my.
you poor soul.
i'll go and slit my wrists for you so you dont have to.

yeah. i probably wouldn't pick it up again though.
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Actually, I sort of almost wish that I could forget everything I learned about guitar, then I could re-learn the right way without getting any bad habits or anything. Or I might just play a different instrument instead, like bass or keyboard.
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well, yeah, seeing as my "skills" are mostly learned from living with a bunch of musicians my whole life rather than from learning guitar, so really, i wouldn't be losing anything, lol. yay, a million quid for nothing! *dances*
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I probably would not, but then again, if I could buy heaps of lessons and shit then yeah I probably would =]

With all that money you could have extra long lessons, buy heaps of vids, magz, and it still wouldn't be that hard to get your skills back. [Well me only been playing bout 17-18 months].
yeah i've only been playing for a little while.. i'd probably take up drums instead haha
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ive been playing guitar for 2 years im ok'ish at it
but i wouldnt trade in my skills for nothing, there priceless
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**** aye, get lessons, then no bad habbits, and the rest of the money buy a shit hot guitar and amp, and with the money take the thread starters mum on a night out and screw her brains out!
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Ive been playing for 8 years, I probably wouldn't, BUT if I could use that money to meet Joe Satch and pay him to teach me then MAYBE I'd consider it, chill in his studio and pay close attention the engineering phase of recording an album, editing, mixing, etc. not to mention all the guitars I could buy, amps, pedals etc ..probably build a small studio in my place

by "pay close attention" of course I mean leech on the damn engineers doing whatever they are, ask them question after question and such hehe
Of course.

And with that 1mil I could easily get back to where I was. I'm not that advanced, so that 1mil could EASILY pay for guitar lessons, lesson books, good equipment, and I wouldn't need to work for mannnnnny years, meaning more time to practice.

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My guitar playing is my llife and thats the way it should be so no money could bribe me to give up the skills i have attained.
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Yea I would. I'm at Music College and therefor surrounded by some great musicians, I'd be able to learn it all again easily.

I've been playing for 10 years though Thats a long time to throw away.
I'd do it in an instant.

Hell I'd do it for like $10,000.

I'm not cheap, I just suck at guitar
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I would loose my guitar skills, but you didn't say I'd loose the general good lessons I've learned from guitar. So I'd trade my 3 years of skills for a cool $1mil. Then, I'd use my already honed skills of good practice, doing things right the first time, metronomism and dedication to get it back, and probably learn everything I knew in half the time.
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so one day your just gona wake up and put your guitar on your lap and wont even be able to play simple G,C,D,F,A chords. i would freak.

Yes, but you would also have one million dollars.
It's like not I know alot of scales and theory and stuff. But my improvising techniques would be lost

but for a million dollars, yes! I can buy talent!
I would, but the money would just be a second bonus, I liked learning all of that stuff that I learned, and it was a lot of fun doing it. Plus I'd use some of the money to hire a real guitarist for lessons, like satch or somebody. Sweet huh
I inherited around $12 million dollars from my late dad, don't really need the money.

...PSYCHE! I think I would, because I would sit down with my guitar, and very cliche/montage like magically relearn everything in like a month.

The montage song would of course be Eye of the Tiger.
Well, guitar was the last instrument I started playing. So honestly if I lost my guitar skills I'd still have my saxophone skillz. And that means I still retain my finger dexterity, scales and soloing skill. And the only real thing I'd have to relearn would be the actual fingerings which only a simple fingering poster would take. So I'd definately take it
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so one day your just gona wake up and put your guitar on your lap and wont even be able to play simple G,C,D,F,A chords. i would freak.

You can play those chords?!
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Hell yeah.


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ummm maybe...i could use the money to learn everything again, you now, learn clasical, jazz flamenco guitar and then get some New gear...but it will never happen so i'm quite shuffed with my skill as it is
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Hell yes I would, I suck.
I'm a rockstar without the skills, fame, or income.

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yeah easy. Then i'd buy some brilliant gear and have lessosn from a pro every day. I'd be back up to scratch in 6 months.
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I would, because I haven't been playing for very long. Plus a fresh start would be nice, because I would know what to learn and how to get better than when I first started.
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