to controvert is the end of progress
always cut off and who knows whos right
we like to think we are never wrong
a contradiction that causes us to loose sight
human nature is to ignore reason and listen to self
making trust a commodity and no more a right
abundance of hate will cause everything to fall
as our hope crumbles can we restore the light?

euthanize me before i am tore apart
or provide comfort and keep my hope alive

show the face, pleasent to the eyes
buried inside, break out against the lies

Prove a point and I'll listen
but nonsense i will not hear
Your changing face, my memorys written
the faces you keep will not come near
dispose of the trust that may have been givin
my eyes see this image you mirror
provide for me a path i could walk in
let me understand that i need no reason to fear

i will miss the days when all was well
no worries followed me except for fear of hell
to young to understand that whats right could be seen wrong
i never questioned a thing i thought i knew all along
once your enlightened your faith starts to die
its all way to easy for humans to cheat and lie
dreams can be lost imagination can run weak
push on for a cause even when it all seems so bleak
R.I.P. Dimebag Darrel 1966-2004
You will never be forgotten!